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If you are looking for someone to clean the tiles of your house or commercial place then you have come to the right place. Tile and other hard surfaces are an important element of modern home design.

Professional Tile Cleaning

It is important to clean the entire hard surface at your home on a regular basis. Dirt and grime tend to build up on tiles over a while. And eventually, professional tile cleaning becomes necessary. We can ensure that our floors are clean by sweeping or vacuuming at least twice a week. Spilling beverages on the floor can leave a stain if they are not wiped away quickly. And the biggest problem with the tile floor is grout. Grout is a type of mixture that is mixed with water and applied between the tiles to join them. At the time of installation of tiles, it can be covered up with something to avoid it from getting dirty. After a while, it starts looking dirty and dingy especially in the kitchen and bathroom where there is a possibility of spills. Your tile may look clean but when you look closely you can see all the accumulated dust and dirt. You can spend your whole day scrubbing the tile still the results will be not that satisfactory. At such times only a professional tile cleaner can help you. Spring Carpet Cleaning Pros has a well-trained staff and all the types of equipment to remove the stubborn stains from your tiles.

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Tile cleaning

Grout cleaning by Spring TX

Grout is difficult to clean; the best way to go about the cleaning is to keep it clean in the first place. Moreover while cleaning, vacuuming, or mopping we unconsciously slide all the dirt into these corners. Even after cleaning if it’s still dirty and accumulated with dirt you can just approach us, tell us your requirements and your work will be done. The dirt stays in the grouts and then suddenly one day you just realize how dirty they have become just by looking at them. One can also clean grout with a small brush but that process will take your whole day so why waste a whole day behind this back aching work when you hire a professional for the same.

Soap scum on tile

Soap scum is a thin layer of soap that accumulates on the tile of your bathroom. Removing this can be quite difficult if you have a big shower stall. Our non-toxic and eco-friendly method will give your tiles a brand new look. We will bring all the necessary equipment to remove that soap scum from your bathroom.

Slippery tiles

If you notice that your tiles are slippery that is because of algae formation. Slippery tiles can be very dangerous to walk on. We will provide cleaning services which can take care of your slippery floor as well.

Power washing

We also provide power washing services for your tiles. If your tiles are dirty, slippery, have dirt in the grouts, or have soap scum on the title all of these problems can be solved in minutes. Power washing will complete the work quickly and give your tiles a brand new look.

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